“Celebration of Life” is an event which lasts a day and covers physics, mental, spiritual and social aspects of life.

It is a holistic presentation of what it means to live in the 21st century. A day of self-discovery and appreciation of what it means to be a complete human being.

When a part of our body begins to malfunction, however insignificant it may be, we begin to realise its importance. Every aspect, every zone of our life is important.

We shouldn’t neglect any of them.



NGI runs activities in the following orphan asylums:

Where can you find us?

New Generation Impact UK

3 Willow Drive, Durrington, Salisbury, WILTS, SP4 8DE,

Reg Charity No: 1107487

Telephone: 01980 594420


How can you get involved?

Donating toys, clothes, sums of money

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